beneath the durban skies

baekhyun’s observation upon the house


jongin and his friend, ladybug

Title: Hip Hop Lover
Artist: Bangtan
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lee jieun [ #001 ]


I was watching the Die Jungs DVD on youtube and spotted a certain someone in the back. That's like the only frame he's in.
Title: how to correctly pronounce "die jungs"

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Title: Hero
Artist: Family Of The Year
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'Let me go, I don't wanna be your hero'.

"You can never know if a person forgives you when you wrong them. Therefore it is existentially important to you. It is a question you are intensely concerned with. Neither can you know whether a person loves you. It’s something you just have to believe or hope. But these things are more important to you than the fact that the sum of the angles in a triangle is 180 degrees. You don’t think about the law of cause and effect or about modes of perception when you are in the middle of your first kiss."
— Jostein Gaarder, Sophie’s World (via wordsnquotes)


kyungsoo - ‘die jungs’ photobook
"Love someone not because they give you what you need… Instead love them because they give you feeling you never thought you needed."
— (via amercantiger)
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